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Dear Tim: 


As I close out my tenure as COO – (Confidential) it is important that I share my gratitude to Barton Executive Search for helping build an incredible company. 


It would be easy for me to simply capture the many different positions at multiple executive levels that you and your team have filled. While I will touch on this, what really stands out is how your partnership helped to create a cohesive, performance oriented, and culturally sound group of executives at (Confidential). Barton Executive Search didn’t just fill the organization boxes, you filled it while keeping a broad lens of the entire company. You personally took the initiative and effort to truly understand our company values, culture, as well as high expectations for performance. This resulted in a collection of individuals that together was stronger than any single person. 


This was perhaps most evident with how you helped me build out the executive team. Each person brought an incredible capability. However, the most important part was that you assembled a pool of potential talent that would all “fit” together. A fit whereby the sum of the parts was powerful. The fastest growing food company of scale for several years was the result of our partnership. For that I will be forever grateful. 


Until we do it again, all the best. 



Chief Operating Officer

publicly traded consumer products company



* For additional information on the source of this referral, please contact Kelly Baranovic at: 770-512-7315.

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