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• CEOs say that they want a workforce that reflects an increasingly diverse customer base that's more global and tech-savvy


• 80% of US CEOs say they are looking for a much broader range of skills when hiring than they did in the past

All searches at BMS are tailored to the specific needs of the client company. In every search, our staff takes a team approach in implementing a disciplined recruiting process that yields outstanding results:



Defining the Candidate:

We strive to understand your company, its culture, and the values and principles that have contributed to its success. We then define the required skill set, cultural and behavioral attributes, tenure and experience, geography, education and compensation range of the ideal candidate.


The Recruiting Strategy:

Working with our client partner, a time frame is established for the search and an optimal recruiting strategy is crafted. This includes meticulously sourcing candidates utilizing a range of network sources and exercising a computer search of our own proprietary database of more than 255,000 candidates, most of whom we have already screened and pre-qualified. An early roster of potential candidates is subsequently trimmed down to a target list of the most outstanding candidates.


Candidate Screening:

During early interviews with target candidates, we determine and secure their interest. We follow with another interview, a rigorous assessment of talent, experience, projectability and fit. Next, we sell the company, the position, its mandate and responsibilities, as well as the growth opportunities it affords. After initial reference checks, our consultants stay in close touch with candidates, educating them thoroughly on the client company, answering questions and addressing concerns.


Client/Candidate Interviewing:

We prepare the client and candidates for productive interviews and thoroughly debrief them afterwards. We complete in-depth reference checks on the leading candidates whose interest we secure. Meanwhile, we close the loop and build goodwill with those that are declined.


Securing the Best Candidate:

We plan and facilitate the last-step interview process with the final candidate. We then work with the client on a closing strategy and offer, which we execute to secure the optimal candidate.


Our Value to Clients

To provide the best in search, we focus on delivering benefits that provide the value our clients want:


‣  a partnership philosophy


‣  integrity and professionalism


‣  a focused recruiting approach


‣  a consistent recruiting methodology


‣  a dedicated resource base


‣  a global scope


‣  confidentiality


‣  a commitment to recruiting superior candidates and ensuring the best fit

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