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September 4, 2018


Mr. Tim Barton, Managing Partner

Barton Executive Search

4401 Northside Parkway NW, Suite 350

Atlanta, GA 30327


To Whom It May Concern:


Tim has been a trusted search partner over many years. He's had an excellent success rate-filling a multitude of senior-level executive roles with enterprise-level talent-many of whom have progressed to higher level positions. He takes the time to understand our culture, leadership needs, and our business challenges and this front-end assessment contributes to successful placements. Tim has particularly strong acumen and relationships in the commercial and retail talent pools---providing deep insights and guidance.


Among his many skills, Tim has an excellent diagnostic approach-his candidate slates are well vetted and narrowed---minimizing our process time and ensuring we invest our time on "the best." He does this by spending significant time with each candidate-diving into their acumen, leadership style, and core accomplishments. Many of his placements have been true "transformational" type players that are providing core direction to the company.


Lastly, Tim is an outstanding collaborator. He understands the nuanced requirements of each search and spends time ensuring he's heard us and our underlying needs. I credit his partnering skills to the trust he engenders with our team. He is not only open to feedback, but he seeks it out-this openness allows for frank conversations. He is quick to ask questions if he senses reluctance or lack of clarity. Importantly, Tim will question our thinking and push back when necessary.


I fully recommend Tim and his team to anyone looking for a strong talent partner.





Chief Human Resource Officer, global consumer & commercial durables company



* For additional information on the source of this referral, please contact Kelly Baranovic at: 770-512-7315

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