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To whom it may concern:

I have known Tim Barton for over 15 years. I have been a candidate placed by Tim and also a client seeking talent from Barton Executive Search.

I have selected Tim Barton and the Barton Executive Search team to be my exclusive recruiting partner to help expand my senior leadership team's capabilities and competencies in Sales, Marketing and General Management. I have selected Tim because he has separated himself and his team from the Executive Recruiting industry with his genuine partner approach. Tim goes to great links to understand my needs as a client and a leader. He understands my business model and the market place that we compete in. Tim and his team speak to candidates as an extension of his individual clients. He is interested in making a great match for both the candidate and the client first and foremost. His long-term partnership philosophy is constantly reinforced by his actions. I lean on Tim for market analysis, salary surveys, council on organizational design and retention strategies, all of which he does not bill for.

Barton Executive Search has a great reputation in the candidate community and is regarded as a firm that has high integrity, a great client portfolio and has a vested interest in the success of the clients it represents and the candidates placed. I consider Tim a personal confidant, as well as a strategic ally for my team and company. I would highly recommend Tim and his team to a company that is seeking "Best in Class" talent.


Senior Vice President

Industry Leading Travel & Leisure Company

* For additional information on the source of this referral, please contact Kelly Baranovic at: 770-512-7315.

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