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This endorses and recommends Mr. Tim Barton and Barton Executive Search.


Mr. Barton is the consummate professional. He is highly responsive and, quite often, anticipates the needs of our organization. Most importantly, and the strongest endorsement I can give, Tim has consistently delivered outstanding results for over two decades. In any business, it is difficult to maintain a 20 year relationship unless one delivers results. Tim delivers.


First, Tim has an outstanding knowledge of the CPG industry, understands the trade and trends in the business and has a great grasp of organizational needs and competencies required to succeed at a particular customer. Second, Tim has a superior understanding of our organization, our job description requirements and what it takes to succeed at [CONFIDENTIAL]. In other words, the vast majority of candidates Tim presents "hit the mark" in regards to their qualifications and fit in our organization. And, again, the results speak louder than words. Barton Executive Search has placed more candidates with the [CONFIDENTIAL] Companies than any other executive search firm. In fact, in 2005, Barton placed 40% of all our external hires.


Tim is truly a business partner. While most executive search firms seek to "fill the position," Tim takes an organizational management approach. He understands our strengths, weaknesses and needs. He is always thinking of placing individuals who can not only "do the job" but can "do the next two jobs," as well. And, he has significantly helped in building our bench strength and a more ethnic, gender and thought diverse organization.


I particularly admire Tim's honesty, integrity and straightforward manner. It has been a pleasure working with him throughout the years and, I would anticipate, many years to come.



Vice President Sales Development

Fortune 50 Consumer & Personal Care Company

* For additional information on the source of this referral, please contact Kelly Baranovic at: 770-512-7315.

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